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The Human Side of a Sister

I am a Sister of Charity. For 67 years, I have devoted myself in the service of God & His children. People often believe that as we are designated by the church, we have a direct hotline to God, that we don’t go through the fears & emotions like others. Here is my story.

I was born in the pre independence India & did my schooling from Shillong. Of all the subjects, English was close to my heart & I pursued M.A in English Literature. “Those who know, they do & those who understand, teach” - this line by my teacher inspired me to take up teaching. My parents ingrained the habit of contributing time in service of others. At 18, I joined the missionary & after completing my B.Ed, started teaching English. There was no bigger joy than talking to a group of children - God's purest creation. I worked in various roles & eventually was the Principal of various missionary schools. My work made me travel the breadth of this country & eventually I shifted to Nagpur in 2002.

Few years ago, I was diagnosed with throat cancer. It was a late stage cancer & I had to be operated for the same. My speech got blurred, making it difficult for people to understand. It became really difficult to speak. At times we take basic human functions like the speech for granted - but God has his ways of reminding us of its worth. Imagine a normal person’s speech getting degraded, it would greatly affect them, right? Now imagine a teacher who has spent over 6 decades talking & teaching - for her, speech isn’t just a way to communicate, but her entire life. That time even I couldn’t hold back & burst out crying. That is when I was recommended a physiotherapy centre where speech therapy for my throat was started. As people found it difficult to understand my speech, I had to write down everything for them, making it really frustrating to convey a message. The therapists taught tongue exercises, even helped me make my pitch clearer & audible. At 85, I devote myself completely in his service. In life, we cannot escape problems, but the true test of faith is during the difficult times.
Today, as we celebrate Jesus on his birth, I pray to Him to give all of you strength & hope & be kind to one another.

Merry Christmas!

- Sister Irma

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