Reasons of Shoulder Pain

Nearly 80 percent of adults experience Shoulder pain at some point in their lifetime. Shoulder Pain is one of the most common problems in all ages. There are Different reasons for Shoulder Pain like:

  • Pain in moving shoulder,

  • Stiffness in moving shoulder.

  • Unable to lift shoulder while overhead activities, 

  • Night Pain, 

  • Unable to lie down on same side while sleeping.

  • Unable to reach behind your back.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

  • Pain while combing or drying your hair.

  • Reaching behind your back,

  • Grabbing something overhead.

  • Night pain or unable to lie down on the same side while sleeping.

  • Unable to lift something over your head,

  • Severe pain in the shoulder while going up or down at specific angles.

  • Continuous pain with activities.

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Frozen Shoulder

What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. There is gradual pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint which restrict your daily activities. Frozen Shoulder is more likely to happen to females than males.

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

There are Different reasons for Frozen Shoulder in Shoulder pain like:

  • Night pain

  • Dull pain in Shoulder

  • Difficulty in doing over head activities

  • Unable to lie down on the same side while sleeping

  • Numbness or Burning Sensation in Lower Limb

  • Back Scrubbing

Causes of Frozen Shoulder

There can be different causes of Frozen Shoulder in Shoulder pain like:

  • Diabetics (10 to 20%) are more prone to Frozen Shoulder

  • People between age of 40 to 60 years

  • Immobility or Operation that prevents you from moving your arm

  • Open heart surgery or fractures

  • Parkinson’s disease

How to Cure Shoulder Pain?

Some of the ways to treat Shoulder Pain are:

  • Physiotherapy.

  • NSAID (pain killer)

  • Hot pack for Shoulder pain.

  • Cold pack for Shoulder pain,

  • Steroid Injections for Shoulder pain

  • Immobilization (Rest) or Operations for Shoulder pain.


What exercise is suitable for you depends on the exact diagnosis of the condition that you are facing. Still some of the general exercises for Shoulder Pain are:

  • Towel Stretch & Pendullar Exercise,

  • Strengthening Exercise,

  • Mobilisation & Manipulation Exercise

  • Range of Motion Exercise

  • Shrugging & Retraction Exercise

  • Proprioception Exercise

Patient Success Stories 

After trying various treatments for her Shoulder Pain, Dr. Meena Mahakalkar was able to recover from Physiotherapy.

Towel Stretch & Pendullar Exercise

Range of Motion Exercise - Shoulder Pain

Strengthening Exercise - Shoulder Pain

Shrugging & Retraction Exercise

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