240+ Conditions Treated

With a team of experienced doctors and Physiotherapists, we can treat a wide variety of pain and rehab issues.

Our Offerings

Online Physiotherapy

Providing online Physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of your home. Guided Physiotherapy session provided by an expert.

Corporate Wellness

Assisting corporates to design customised programs for the well being of their employees to improve their productivity.

Common Treatments

Back pain

Improve posture, prevent damage, reduce pain, muscle tightness, tingling sensation, numbness, improve strength of muscles

What Patients Say 

“ I was undergoing physiotherapy for my knee. But due to Covid-19 lockdown, I couldn’t step out. I started tele physiotherapy as it was safe & I could still do all exercises under supervision of senior physiotherapist. The video and audio quality is good. “

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal

HOD, Ophthalmology

(Knee Pain Patient)

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