Rahul Aswani's Recovery Story

7.3 billion humans, 1.3 billion in India but a handful of people can change one’s life. One Saturday, I was returning from temple in Pune. While waiting at divider to take a turn, 2 bikers were riding engrossed in conversation. They failed to notice the divider & hit me at full speed, throwing me off my vehicle. I tried to get up but realised that I couldn’t stand. The bikers fled & the people murmured about the traffic jam I had caused rather than any attempt to help me get up. For a moment, my faith in the goodness of people diminished. However, soon an autowala came up, picked me & rushed to the hospital.

The hospital admin refused to admit me till a police complaint was filed. For 2 hours, I was in unbearable pain with no-one willing to even address it. Eventually, after an X- Ray, I was told that it was an ankle fracture with the bone shattered into pieces. Surgery was mandated & I decided to get operated at my hometown Nagpur. I got a plaster & planned to fly the next day. However, the Airline Officer created hindrance saying the protocol didn’t allow to fly without inspection as the accident happened within 48 hours. The doctor had strictly advised against bending knees while the officer wanted me to do exactly that. Bearing the pain, I faked a smile, bent my knee & passed the inspection, to fly home.

After the surgery I tried moving the ankle, but it still hurt so I refrained from moving it. When reviewing after 6 weeks, the doctor pointed out that over-protection & no movements had made my ankle complete stiff. Physiotherapy was a must & initially I dragged myself for the treatment sessions. The physiotherapy team however put all their effort, working towards my recovery everyday. Seeing their effort, I felt that I owed if not to myself but to their dedication to recover at the earliest. My attitude changed & through 4 months of physiotherapy that I underwent, I have created memories with the team & even motivated others when they were down. I came to this clinic limping on 1 leg but today I walk out on 2 legs. How beautiful life is, that a handful of people that I didn’t even know a year back changed my life forever!

- Rahul Aswani

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