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How this process works :

  • Book an appointment at your convenient time by clicking on the "Book here" button

  • Pick a suitable date and time that is convenient to you

  • Make the payment for your required service using Debit/Credit Card, UPI or Net Banking 

  • Your Physiotherapy session is confirmed. We will contact you at your preferred time​

Benefits of Online Physiotherapy

  • Look after your health while maintaining a social distance (Stay indoors, stay safe)

  • Take affordable home physiotherapy sessions under the guidance of an expert

  • Regular review session with an expert after every 5 sessions of treatment

Our Online Services
Back pain

Improve posture, prevent damage, reduce pain, muscle tightness, tingling sensation, numbness, improve strength of muscles

Patients success stories

I was taking physiotherapy at YourPhysio. But due to locked down in Nagpur I couldn’t step out for physiotherapy. As my knee pain needed regular exercises I started tele physiotherapy. In this I could stay safe at home and still do exercises under supervision by senior physiotherapist. The video & audio quality is excellent & I could do almost all the exercises which I was doing at the YourPhysio before this locked down started.

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who will conduct my Tele Physiotherapy Sessions?

Your Tele Sessions will be conducted by qualified & experienced Physiotherapist.

How can I share reports of my X-RAY / MRI?

You can mail your reports of X-Ray / MRI on or also you can whatsapp it at 8446587515.

What could be the duration of Tele Physiotherapy Session?

Consultation takes 45 minutes & a treatment session takes 30 minutes.

What is Tele Physiotherapy?

Tele Physiotherapy is a session through video calls with your home comfort and helps you recover even in lock down.

How can I book my Tele Physotherapy Session?

You can call on number 8446587515 or click the 'Book Now' Button.

What all things are required for Tele Physiotherapy Sessions?

One needs to collect the following things: a) Laptop or Smartphone b) Webcam if using desktop c) Good internet speed d) Headphones

After the Tele Physiotherapy Session, Will I be able to look again for my treatment done?

Ofcourse! You can look in the app provided to you after your treatment session which will even guide you to number of repetition and video of the same.

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