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How this process works :

  • Book an appointment at your convenient time by clicking on the "Book here" button

  • Pick a suitable date and time that is convenient to you

  • Make the payment for your required service using Debit/Credit Card, UPI or Net Banking 

  • Your Physiotherapy session is confirmed. We will contact you at your preferred time​

Benefits of Online Physiotherapy

  • Look after your health while maintaining a social distance (Stay indoors, stay safe)

  • Take affordable home physiotherapy sessions under the guidance of an expert

  • Regular review session with an expert after every 5 sessions of treatment

Our Online Services
Back pain

Improve posture, prevent damage, reduce pain, muscle tightness, tingling sensation, numbness, improve strength of muscles

Patients success stories

I was taking physiotherapy at YourPhysio. But due to locked down in Nagpur I couldn’t step out for physiotherapy. As my knee pain needed regular exercises I started tele physiotherapy. In this I could stay safe at home and still do exercises under supervision by senior physiotherapist. The video & audio quality is excellent & I could do almost all the exercises which I was doing at the YourPhysio before this locked down started.

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal


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