Reasons of Knee Pain

Nearly 80 percent of adults experience knee pain at some point in their lifetime. Knee Pain is one of the most common problems in all ages. There are Different reasons for Knee Pain like:

  • Heavy exertion

  • Trauma, 

  • Lack of physical activity, 

  • Obesity, 

  • Autoimmune disorder

  • Torn, Strain or Sprain in Ligament

  • Bone Tumor

  • Gout or Fracture

Symptoms of Knee Pain

  • Swelling in or around Knee joint.

  • Difficulty in climbing staircase due to Knee Pain.

  • Unable to bend knee joint constant

  • Sharp Shooting pain in Knee.

  • Unable to take weight on Knee Joint, while walking or standing.

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How to Cure Knee Pain?

Some of the ways to treat Knee Pain are:

  • Ice pack for Knee Joint.

  • Hot Pack for Knee Joint.

  • Medicines for Knee Pain.

  • Braces (Knee Caps).

  • Losing Weight.

  • Suitable Footwear.

  • Kinesio Taping.

What exercise is suitable for you depends on the exact diagnosis of the Knee Pain condition that you are facing. Still some of the general exercises are:

  • Stretching of Hamstring or

  • Dynamic Quadriceps.

  • Vastus Medialis Oblique Strengthening Exercises for Knee Pain. 

  • Gait Training &

  • Stability Training.

  • Straight Leg Raise Knee Exercise.

  • Adductor Strengthening Knee Exercise.

  • Hip Abduction.

  • Prone Knee Flexion Exercise.

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VMO Strengthening Knee Exercise 

Knee Pain - Hip Abduction Exercise

Knee Pain - Dyanmic Quadriceps

Prone Knee Flexion Exercise

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