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The Physiotherapist With 4 Parents!

The memories of my high school days in Katol are still fresh. Our joint family had separated, creating financial instability. This affected my father deeply & often, my mother & I looked after our shop to support living. My mom who is very religious imbibed the same values in me. After school, when my cousins were playing, she made me sit & do my prayers. I also saw that at times when my mother was constantly disturbed, her faith gave her strength.

After 12th, I decided to pursue medicine. But, my marks weren’t enough to get admission in MBBS & private institution was not an option. I had lost all hope until a friend told me about physiotherapy & how it could be another opportunity to treat patients & impact lives.I got into Government College but the fees & stay still seemed impossible to manage. I questioned my mother, 'Why can’t my parents take care of me just like every other child?' To which she said, ‘ Bhagwan har kisiki help karne ko barabar koi na koi bhejte hai, jaruri nahi vo tumhare Maa-Baap ho.” Soon youngest masi, saw my hunger to succeed & convinced her husband to finance my education. I moved to Nagpur at her place & found her to be very strict. The restrictions led to a lot of fights between us. It took me a while to settle down & understand that she meant the best for me.

After graduation, I planned for post graduation. Meanwhile, I started interning at a physiotherapy centre. Unable to manage patients & studies together, I went to submit my resignation to Dr. Sheetal. She just said ‘The one who is really determined, can excel in any situation,’ She asked me to try balancing my study with work & see. It was difficult, but also the times that built my capacity. Two years later, I am happy to say that I am the youngest to have been made a Chief Physiotherapist at YourPhysio. I still struggle & know that challenges are never ending, but I attribute my problems to the almighty through prayers that provide me strength to fight back. I have realised that I am one of the few lucky ones to have not just one, but two sets of parents in my masi & masaji. I want to be a good physiotherapist, serve patients & make my 4 parents proud!

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