Reasons of Neck Pain

Nearly 80 percent of adults experience severe neck pain at some point in their lifetime. Neck Pain is one of the most common problems in all ages. There are Different reasons for Neck Pain like:

  • Poor postures,

  • Working on Laptop with wrong postures,

  • Heavy Gym Activity.

  • Overuse of Cellphones,

  • Sleeping in uncomfortable positions,

  • Osteoarthritis Neck.

  • Herniated Disk,

  • Nerve Compression,

  • Whiplash Injury &

  • Strain or Spasm

Symptoms of Neck Pain

Some of the major symptoms for Neck Pain are : 

  • Muscle tightness,

  • Spasm,

  • Headache,

  • Decreased Neck movement.

  • Tingling or Numbness in arm or around finger,

  • Vertigo,

  • Sleeplessness &

  • Unable to remain in Forward Movement for long time.

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How to Cure Neck Pain?

Some of the ways to treat to Cure Neck pain are :

  • Physiotherapy,

  • Ergonomics,

  • Correct Postures.

  • Hot & Cold Packs,

  • TENS,

  • Traction,

  • NSAID (Pain Killer).

  • Manipulations,

  • Dry Needling,

  • Kinesio Tapping &

  • Trigger point release technique.

What exercise is suitable for your Neck Pain depends on the exact diagnosis of the condition that you are facing. Still some of the general exercises are:

  • Thoracic Mobility Exercise for neck pain,

  • Head Retraction Exercise for neck pain,

  • Flexion & Extension Exercise for neck pain,

  • Shrugging Exercises for neck pain.

  • Rotation Exercises for neck pain,

  • Lateral flexion Exercises for neck pain,

  • Neck Stretching Exercises &

  • Scapular Retraction Exercises for neck pain.

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Scapular Retraction Exercise - Neck Pain 

Thoracic Mobility for Neck Pain

Neck Stretching Exercise

Neck Retraction Exercises - Neck Pain

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