Neck Pain

Neck Pain is a very common complaint among people who are working in a poor posture. The neck muscles are strained due to wrong sitting posture while working on a computer or mobile. Osteoarthritis is also one of the common causes of Neck Pain. It is very rare that neck pain is a symptom of a serious problem. Please visit your doctor if the neck pain is accompanied by a shooting pain in shoulders and arms.

What causes Neck Pain:

  • Wrong sitting posture while working on computer/phone

  • Overuse of muscles

  • Deterioration of joints

  • Nerve compressions

  • Accident or injury

  • Medical conditions like Spondylitis

Symptoms of Neck Pain

  • Pain in the neck by holding your head in one position for long duration

  • Tightness in the muscles

  • Not able to move your head in different positions (without pain)

  • Headache

  • Pain shooting into arms and shoulders

Neck Pain diagnosis:

  • Your doctor will analyse the following movements to understand about your problem:

    • Understand the Intensity of the pain by making you do certain head movements

    • Neck's range of motion (Ability to move your neck at different angles)

    • Radiation of the pain from neck to shoulders or to the head

    • Tingling and Numbness sensation in the arm in case of cervical spondylitis

  • If there is some serious issue, your doctor might recommend other tests like:

    • X-ray

    • Bone Scan

    • CT Scan

    • MRI

    • Blood and Urine tests

Ways of treatment:

  • Neck pain treatment depends on the intensity and cause of the pain. Following are some of the way to treat Neck Pain:

    • For temporary Pain relief: Medicines (like painkillers), Hot pack etc.

    • For reducing swelling or inflammation, you can use an ice pack or a cold pack

    • For long term improvement Physiotherapy treatment of neck pain is recommended which involves strengthening of neck muscles. It has been proven as an effective for the treatment of most of types of neck pain. It should be done at a place where the patient is most comfortable and under the guidance of a trained physiotherapist. YourPhysio provides online physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of your home under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist.

    • Surgery is one possible remedy, but it is not recommended until there is a fear of nerve damage or need for structural correction.

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Myths about Neck pain:

  • The cause of all neck pain is Cervical Spondylitis.

  • Painkillers is the only way to treat your neck pain

  • Some massage therapies and ointments will cure your knee pain without you having to strengthen your neck muscles

  • I cannot get rid of neck pain as I am old.

  • Using collar will help me to reduce the neck pain

How does YourPhysio help:

  • YourPhysio has a team of physiotherapists with over 30 years of experience in treating patients across the world. YourPhysio has been providing in clinic physiotherapy care as well as online physiotherapy sessions for the last few decades.

How Online Physiotherapy Works?

Step 1: Tele Consultation

  • History of condition/pain is captured

  • Sr. Physio finds the root cause of pain by guided motions

  • 3D tech used for patient education

Step 2: Live Treatment Session

  • 31+ yrs experience therapists create your personalised plan

  • Real-time feedback & monitoring by Sr. Physios

  • Alternative at-home equipment proposed

Step 3: Monitor Progress via App

  • App access to exercise videos & materials

  • In-app outcome measuring tools to monitor progress

  • Patient can send SOS pain alert to therapist

  • We have provided physiotherapy care to over 20,000 people across the globe. We have seen similar results in both approaches (In clinic care and Online physiotherapy care). The patient is more relaxed, comfortable, and regular in the case of online physiotherapy treatment as he doesn't have to travel to a clinic every day. 

What Patients Say

How can you prevent Neck Pain:

  • Use good posture while working on computer or using a mobile

  • Take frequent breaks to move your neck and shoulders if your job involves working long hours on your computer

  • Use proper equipment while working. For example your monitor should be at the eye level, Using a ergonomics chair with proper back support

  • Avoid carrying heavy bags over your shoulder

  • Avoid using phone in an improper position (Like putting it between your ear and shoulders). Use a proper headset.

  • Quit smoking. It can put you at higher risk of developing neck pain

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