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The Mother of YourPhysio!

We live in a society where, on one side we worship goddesses & on the other disown girl child as trash. I was in my mother’s womb when my father abandoned us & left for Raipur. My mother used to go from house to house & work to earn a living, leaving me at my nani’s home. As I grew up, my nani realised it was difficult for my mother to do it all alone. She then convinced my mother for a second marriage. Soon, my second father and my mother had a girl child. On one hand my birth father did not care to reach out to us, & on the other, my step father loved me even more than his own child. He never made me feel like a step-daughter & filled the void of a father’s love that I always dreamt of.

After a few years, I got married in Jabalpur. However, as my husband was jobless at that time, our relatives used to treat us badly. My husband couldn’t take this & sent me back to my mom’s place. Soon he came to Nagpur & we both started working. I still remember our first month combined earning was Rs 800. The turmoil, struggles all were forgotten as soon as we expected a baby. Unfortunately, the happiness was short lived. I had a miscarriage & we lost the baby. Before we could recover from that loss, my husband suffered a heart attack. We were shattered, our poor financial conditions forced us to choose - between taking care of our health expenses or bringing another new life into this world. Our in-laws forced us to have a child, but my husband never did. We both eventually decided not to have a child.

Looking to start a new chapter in Life, I again looked for a job. Soon I joined YourPhysio and this was the turning point of my painful journey. Treating the pain of patients here, I realised my suffering are very small. Today I have a loving husband & a family, not just at home, but also at work. My sister has two beautiful daughters - & they visit me every weekend. I pamper them & they call me ‘Maa’. I am a mother not just to them, but to all the physiotherapists & patients alike & I feel their pain as mine. I have learnt to have gratitude towards what I have instead of complaining about the odds.

- Namita Pillai, Mother of YourPhysio

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