Free Online Physiotherapy Consultation

During these tough times, YourPhysio is fully available online to bring your trusted physiotherapist near you.

How Online Physiotherapy Works?

Step 1: Tele Consultation

  • History of condition/pain is captured

  • Sr. Physio finds the root cause of pain by guided motions

  • 3D tech used for patient education

Step 2: Live Treatment Session

  • 31+ yrs experience therapists create your personalised plan

  • Real-time feedback & monitoring by Sr. Physios

  • Alternative at-home equipment proposed

Step 3: Monitor Progress via App

  • App access to exercise videos & materials

  • In-app outcome measuring tools to monitor progress

  • Patient can send SOS pain alert to therapist

Why Online Physiotherapy? 

Saves Time & Cost

Zero travel time & cost

No waiting time


Comfort of home

Choose convenient time


Zero Contact Treatment

No Corona infection risk


Live monitoring by physio

Videos exercise guides for accuracy

What Patients Say 

“ I was undergoing physiotherapy for my knee. But due to Covid-19 lockdown, I couldn’t step out. I started tele physiotherapy as it was safe & I could still do all exercises under supervision of senior physiotherapist. The video and audio quality is good. “

Dr. Rekha Khandelwal

HOD, Ophthalmology

(Knee Pain Patient)

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Our Doctors servicing Mumbai

Dr. Sheetal Mundhada

  • 30+ years of Physiotherapy experience 

  • 20,000 patients treated

Dr.Shikha Kriplani

  • Bachelor's in physiotherapy (V.S.P.M. College of Physiotherapy)

  • Masters in Physiotherapy (Kailash Institute Delhi)

  • FNR (Fellowship in Neurological Sciences)

  • Certified Child Birth Educator

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