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The Mother of Two Angels!

18 years ago, the birth of Ayesha brought bliss around. In 14 months, we saw her walk - toe walk. Thinking it was out of excitement that she would be doing so. Soon, we started consulting doctors. What we thought was a minor growth hiccup, turned out to be Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy or CP causes impaired muscle coordination and other disabilities, typically caused by damage to the brain before or at birth. CP is not curable, but the condition can be managed only by Physiotherapy. Ayesha was unable to express herself through speech, writing or gestures . For various medical tests & diagnosis, we rushed to Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and where not. Though difficult, we became friends with the backbreaking situation.

Four years after Ayesha, Fatema was born. A healthy & cheerful child since birth - she again filled house with joy. Nine months in - came another shock, Fatema too had been diagnosed with CP. Devastated & broken as we were, we started questioning - WHY US EVERY TIME? Some-one then said ‘God chooses people & He is never mistaken. Allah thought that you have the strength to nurture & care for not just one, but two dearest angels of His, hence he chose you’ Mentally, It took me 2 years to accept the reality that we were served. We accepted the situation at hand with positivity. We accepted and reduced spending on medical tests, rather focussed on managing their health via physiotherapy. We found joy in helping them with their daily routine activities. We found joy in visiting those places that were accessible to our daughters. We found joy with our angels and never compare them with anyone.

At the moment - LIFE IS GOOD. Ayesha has cleared her 10th CBSE with 85 % & this year she cleared 12th CBSE with 70% . Today, we are a happy family and together we go for movies, picnics and dinners just like everyone else. Just like every other parent, what concerns us is the future of our children, in our case - slightly more. The only thing we ask from God is to grant us a long enough life to be able to take care of our Angels.”

- Uzma Khan, Proud Mother

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