Your Health. YourPhysio

A patient-centric approach transforming physiotherapy care


10x better patient experience by leveraging the power of technology and processes

Clinical Supremacy

Expertise + Empathy +

3 Decades of Experience  = YourPhysio

Patients First

From the clinic interiors to the electronic health records, 'Patients First' always


Corporate Wellness

Assisting corporates to design customised programmes for the well being of their employees to improve their productivity. 

Physiotherapy & Pain Relief Clinics

Building a network of best in class clinics all over the country.

1000 sq ft | 240+ conditions | 1 country

Online Physiotherapy

Providing online Physiotherapy sessions at the comfort of your home. Guided Physiotherapy session provided by an expert.

YourPhysio - Gajanan Nagar

Arogyam YourPhysio

YourPhysio - Trimurti Nagar

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